Thursday, October 27, 2016


Conclusive Evidence
By Thomas Winship

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"We court no favour and fear no foe, scientific or otherwise. All we ask is careful attention and practical investigation; we have no fear as to the logical conclusion which shall be arrived at."


Assumptions ... 9
Age of Earth ... 10
Aeronautics ... 13
Contrast ... 14
Contradictions ... 18
Circumnavigation ... 25
Curvature ... 27
Canals ... 29
Disappearance of Ships at Sea ... 30
Distances ... 33
Fluids ... 36
Figure of Earth ... 38
Growth of Earth ... 40
Gravitation ... 41
Geology ... 52
Horizon ... 62
Level, On the Term ... 63
Lighthouses ... 64
Midnight Sun ... 68
Motions of Earth ... 70
Moon ... 75
Moon, Eclipses of ... 80
Magnetism ... 91
Navigation ... 94
Pendulum ... 107
Plurality of Worlds ... 110
Planets ... 112
Parallel Lines ... 114
Railways ... 116
Rivers ... 118
Ridicule ... 120
Sun ... 122
Sun Distance ... 123
Sun Diameter ... 129
Stars ... 130
Star Distances ... 131
Seasons ... 134
Signals ... 135
Surveying ... 136
Science ... 137
Tides ... 141
Ultimate Conclusion ... 145


Earth an Irregular Plane ... 171
Our Earth Motionless ... 172
How Old is the Earth? ... 193
Vindication of the Divine Cosmogony ... 200
The Glory of God ... 206

"He who cannot reason is a fool; he who will not reason is a bigot; he who dares not reason is a coward; but he who can and dares to reason is a man."


julian cox
"How we've all been brainwashed. It took me just a couple of weeks to figure out we weren't on a spinning globe. Instead of slagging of flat Earth theory I decided to check it out. That's what intelligent people do, they question. Idiots though think they know everything. THINK and research, that's why we have a brain."

Kings Dethroned
Excellent book from 1922


  1. Great YouTube comment!

    Wild Boar
    Oct 23, 2016

    The majority of people spend their time either working for their Idols, emulating them, or watching them on T.V. The poor saps have been trained to worship the very Organisations who enslave them. It's a masterpiece of manipulation, you have to hand it to them [1]. If only people could rub a couple brain cells together (by Luck) and figure it out (Evolve).
    But for non intelligently designed ape brains.. it's quite a stretch to expect :(
    Lolling birds brains into Apollotistical cult hogwash.

    It is believed, that the person who picked all of Apollos landing dates and landing times including Apollo 11 was Farouk El-Baz, his father is also believed to be an expert on ancient Egypt, history and mythology, hmmm… Christian /atheist /Science /American /sane weird?

    According to Ancient Egyptian believes, ceremonies performed directly under Orion’s belt produce a sacred alignment, which allows humans to communicate directly with OSIRIS. APOLLO 11 [2] had landed at a specific day and a specific time where the three belt stars of Orion were on the horizon. And exactly 33 minutes after landing, Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, who was a 32/3 Degree Scottish Rite Freemason was actually performing a ceremony on board the lunar module with Neil Armstrong, He even admitted it, but not completely according to many ufologists.

    [1] Nasa: In hebrew nasa means; bring up, went but also negative as; lead astray, mentally delude, morally seduce, beguile, deceive greatly...
    [2] 9 of them, 6 lands for 12 astronauts...

  2. All the signs for belief indoctrination are present, School does not allow you to make up Your mind, on anything, to have points or pass any test you must repeat the only option They offert You. Same as the Religious dogma the same Institutions used to teach!

    So One to be fair must admit He is inclined to prefer his childhood education Truths to later non book ones.
    Regardless of what Reality is, globe knowers have never seen concrete evidence of such curvatures, beside imperfect eyes who lose far ship hauls first, but seen with a telescope perfectly on the Horizon.

    There are three principal means of acquiring knowledge... observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the result of that combination. - Denis Diderot
    “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” - Edgar Allan Poe

    1. realy i debated with my teachers all the time i have no idea what school you went to, but mine let me question, debate, and even corret the teachers assuming i was right and still got As and Bs

    2. My schools all fit the paradigm of "stage for intellectual discourse."

      No "indoctrination" involved. I passed through the educational system with science, mathematics, history, art, music, and literature under my belt.

      I don't remember any klieg lights or electric cattle prods to assist in the brainwashing..,

      FLAT EARTH Theory is fashioned to convince the sheep they have been lied too and convert them to the religious ignorance that refuses to accept centuries of learning..,

    3. HerosOfTheGlobeEarth practices self-delusion. Has no idea what "observations" are, and no idea how to ask questions or test anything. In fact, he has no ideas at all, he keeps his washed brain so clean because he never uses it. He only knows how to have it washed regularly.

    4. Oh, Dr., Dr., Dr..,

      You are such a silly boy. Observations are the EASY part. My entire life I have studied one discipline of science or another. I am well versed in making observation, designing and running experiments, and analyzing data to arrive at conclusion..,

      You have no idea how many types of "testing" I have done on scientific phenomena. If you like, I would list them for you..,

      There goes the standard FEtard argument style, when substance cannot be refuted, denigrate the person.

      You are as predictable as a monkey in a cage being tested for responses to stimuli. Pavlovian almost. I hope the final choice doesn't give you a painful shock.

    5. HerosOfTheGlobeEarth you are IN FACT the monkey in the cage who looks out through the bars at the free thinkers, supposing that they are the ones in a cage.

      You must first remove the prison bars that surround your vision, before you can draw correct conclusions about your surroundings.

      Then you will see the flat earth in all its beauty, I hope this doesn't "give you a painful shock" HAHAHAHA!

    6. My, my, my..,

      PAGE VIEWS peaked at 9800, and dropped to near ZERO.

      So much for Flat Earth Freak's "popularity."

  3. not cool,what they did to bart! shame on them!

  4. I will try and get my hands on this book ... it seems a good read ... take care! Maxamilium.

    1. I'm sure it makes a great coffee table book, you know..,

      A conversation piece.

  5. Where can I get the cheaper version?

    1. You can get it through me directly, click on my profile to get my email, and send a request, I will reply with the details. You can also call me, I am at pacific standard time, evenings are best. Your interest is totally appreciated.

    2. Zetetic Astronomy is also on Kindle through Amazon. I'm about half way through it.

  6. Just wanted to let you know I just linked to you from a pro-geocentrism community at I really appreciate your good work and I hope the link does not offend. Please feel free to join the discussion if you'd like - thanks :)

    1. I hope the geocentrists find the book "interesting" in the Chinese proverb sort of way.

      Or, perhaps the Johnny Carson "Carnac The Magnificent" style.